Water is absolutely theeeee most taken for granted item in the world. Most everyone seems to think that "2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen" is just plain and simple. Nothing could be further from the truth ! Those little H2O guys dissolve more stuff than anything else in the world...they can change physical characteristics, react differently under different flow rates, pressures, temperatures. They can be gentle and soothing...they can cut 10 inches of steel and level cities ! They can heal and make grow, they can kill and starve. Science books have thousands of pages devoted solely to water. Water careers include hydrologists, oceanographers, geologists, mining engineers, dam builders, ship builders, chemical engineers, navigators, divers, horticulturists, breeders, hydroponics gardeners, meteorologists, drillers, military, and a myriad of manufacturers of water using appliances and components. Poets and religions of the world pay homage to the sanctity and power of water.

Now... what you want to know pertains to your needs in your area. That indeed is a major focal point in the courses we teach at Aquathin University. Each Aquathin Water Treatment Professional is educated to provide you with the information you require about the water issues in your area. Contact your local Authorized Aquathin Dealer for the FAQ that is most important to you ! Thank you for considering Aquathin to provide your family the very best in home water security.

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Alfred J. Lipshultz, President