Water Purification System

When it comes to purification systems, Aquathin is the complete answer. Our purification systems use reverse osmosis to filter out all of the water's inconsistancies and impurities. Searching for the right purification system? Aquathin has several models to fit your kitchen and bathroom needs. Are you in an area that uses well sources? How about that smell that comes from your running tap? Aquathin products remove all that trouble and provide great drinking tastes with your whole family and softener.

Water Filtration Systems

Filtration systems are not all alike. Aquathin makes sure of that. Using reverse osmosis technology and new innovations in softener filtering natural liquid, Aquathin is taking over the market with products like the KT-90, a space saving model that saves space under the counter. Those that have dirty or yellowish fluid coming from the faucet are in need of an Aquathin product. Sometimes the local water supply is not exactly what you had in mind to drink or to use to cook. When this is an issue, liquid softener filtration is a necessity. Not all homes come with a proper system for this. When family health is an issue, you must have clean and safe drinking source for your family. Not only must the fluid be safe, but the use of the liquid is also a concern. Many times people will feel as if the water in the shower is not rinsing them properly. This is a case where a water softener may be needed. Not all softener Filtration Systems are alike. Any purification system can run the source through filter, but our techniques provide the best in a softener filtration system. If proper water taste and feel is essential to you and your loved ones, take a look at Aquathin.com. The most quality in purification sytems can be found at Aquathin and our web site Aquathin.com

Drinking Water Softener

For some people, having drinking water that is clear and free of pollutants is not a matter of choice. Certain areas of the country do not have adequate drinking water supplies or facilities. These situations call for a home solution that you must purchase if you want good drinking water. Many times drinking water systems need a softener to become easier to use with showers or bathing and even comsumption. Showering with hard water is often an expereince that will leave you feeling unclean. Taking a bath with hard water can also not remove the dirt from your body and give an unfresh feeling. And with comsumption, hard water is an unpleasant taste altogether. Aquathin has dedicated its whole existance to the development of a drinking source softener with this purpose in mind. Our products are the best in the industry and unparalled. Start your search for a softener here with Aquathin.com

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Twenty five years ago, it was Aquathin's goal and ultimately our destiny, to be the very best at removing carcinogens (cancer causing ) from the tap water battle front. Fighting cancer on all battle fronts is important, and that is why during our 25th Anniversary Celebration, Aquathin is a proud sponsor of the Lance Armstrong Foundation http://www.laf.org/about/ . Winner of his 6th Tour de France, and winner over cancer, Lance's creed is LIVE STRONG. His foundation created the LIVE STRONG wristband bracelet. Aquathin has committed to purchase LIVE STRONG wristbands and supply one FREE with each of our Patented RODI Water Purification systems. Wear THE YELLOW...LIVE STRONG !!

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